About Me...

Having grown up around all sorts of animals, working with them feels so natural. I have been around and ridden horses since I was 7 years old. I have been fortunate enough to have horses in the past that I have competed in affiliated Eventing and Show Jumping. More recently I have been taking on projects in the form of ex-race horses. My current horse is George, he is an 11 year old thoroughbred that was competing in point to point racing until his career came to an abrupt end due to a serious tendon injury. 2 years post injury, he has blossomed into a really stunning horse with so much character, I feel very privileged to have the pleasure of his company.

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Likewise I grew up with plenty of dogs around me in the family and now own a 3 year old whippet named Lola, who certainly likes to make use of the fact her mum is a physio! We used to train in agility but complicated health issues for poor Lola now mean that this is not always possible, however we still use a lot of the ground work exercises on a regular basis to improve obedience and as proprioceptive work. 

My Approach...

Everything I do is with the animals well-being as the upper most importance. I have a gentle and calm approach and aim to work with the animals not on them. I have many different techniques in my 'tool box' and have something to suit all needs. 

I believe that we ask the animals within our care to do things that they wouldn't always necessarily do by choice, therefore we, as the responsible owner, should do everything we can to ensure the animal, whether it a horse, dog or cat, is as comfortable as possible.

I treat every patient as if they were my own.

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